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Troy Denning is one of the first authors I ever read that's a little bit sad, I know, but I was young. So, as I mentioned, I was excited to see what this series one of his first, I believ I'm not exactly sure how I feel about this book. So, as I mentioned, I was excited to see what this series one of his first, I believe was like.

So far, I'm not overly impressed. I get the feeling that he was still really green at this stage of his career and the wholes in the plot seem to really shine. I have to admit, after reading fantasy at a completely different and much higher level, I can't really say it was that bad.

I think I'm just used to some stuff that is better. However, I did read this book really quickly and jumped right into the second book in the series. So, I'm at least that intrigued. The main character, Tavis, is a giant-kin called a firbolg. He's in love with a super strong princess she must have giant blood, right? So, her family has a bunch of giant henchmen that serve as the honor guard there is a pact between the royal family and the giants in the area , but the king won't send them out to resue her.

Tavis ignores the king's demands and takes off with a little human orphan thief, and a runecaster verbeeg another kind of giant-kin. You'd think that this motley crue would be able to take out some ogres and be on their way, but WAIT! They ogres have a shamen who is bad ass and messes every attempt that Tavis and his gang take to save the princess. Needless to say, eventually, the good guys win.

But the plot suggestivly thickens in the last chapter and you want to read more An obscure trilogy in the Forgotten Realms universe, the Twilight Giants books focus on a little-known kingdom in the far, frozen north populated by humans, giants, and their kin. In this, the first entry, Princess Brianna is kidnapped by ogres and her suitor, Tavis, sets out to rescue her. Avalanches, rock slides, animated severed heads, cannibalist An obscure trilogy in the Forgotten Realms universe, the Twilight Giants books focus on a little-known kingdom in the far, frozen north populated by humans, giants, and their kin.

Avalanches, rock slides, animated severed heads, cannibalistic ogres, undead mountain lions, debauched hill giants And unlike most books in the genre, the protagonists take an incredible beating. You're never really sure who might live to see the final page.

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Denning does an excellent job of reminding us just how cold the setting is - the freezing temperatures almost become the primary antagonist. While the action and tension are both handled well, characterization isn't very strong. Most of the supporting cast is interchangeable they're the kind of characters with no real "voice" of their own , and even the main characters are fairly one-note Tavis is honest, Brianna is feisty, Basil is greedy, etc.

One notable exception is the ogre shaman, Goboka, but he gets very little face-time and is usually relegated to being a background menace. Fantasy devotees will enjoy the insights into giant culture that this book, and the others in the series, provide. With no stock characters like elves, dwarves, goblins, or orcs cropping up, "The Ogre's Pact" provides a fresh variety of characters and monsters in a fascinating setting. It's a quick read that is well worth the time. It's a 2. I think could have bring out more from this story and his protagonists,which lacks a more detailed characterisation View all 3 comments.

Dec 21, Dave rated it really liked it.

Oct 23, Ian Hewitt rated it really liked it. Tavis swung around to see an ogre's gnarled fingers shooting from the sore on the bodyguard's throat. An eerie blue aura of magical energy was dancing over the digits, crackling and snapping like lightning. In the next instant, the shaman's entire hand appeared, it's black talons straining for Basil's back. Morten began to stumble forward against his will, as though Goboka were pulling him toward the runecaster. In words so garbled Tavis could barely understand them, he gurgled, "Throw me over!

The trilogy takes the little-written-about race of giants from the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting and places them center field as the headliners of the story. This new edition features a brand new cover painting by Duane O. Myers but is otherwise just a repackaged version of the original TSR edition and is the latest in a line of similar new editions that, it is hoped, will introduce the older titles to the younger readers.

The novel begins in a time when the races of giants and humans have lived in relative harmony for many generations in the frozen landscape of the Ice Spires with both races essentially under the governance of a single dynasty of human kings. But, of course, this pleasant state of affairs is about to come to a dramatic end and kick start the action of The Ogre's Pact. Princess Brianna of Hartwick is the hot-headed heir to the throne of Hartsvale and when she is kidnapped by a rampaging horde of ogres the King is forced to make an unenviable decision between the duty that he owes his kingdom and the love of his own daughter and heir.

Good luck for King Camden that a certain adventurous firbolg by the name of Tavis Burden is in love with his daughter and is likewise prepared to go dashing to her rescue.

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The plot becomes slightly more tangled at this point when the hero Tavis is forced to first uncover a secret that the Kingdom would much rather he did not. The storyline itself is well-developed for its genre with likable characters possessed of believable motivations and the action is just what one might have come to expect from Denning with the heroes pitched not only against dangerous enemies but also against the elements and the wilderness itself.

It is quite honestly a shame that more hasn't been written in this vein. Denning shapes a unique and interesting hero out of Tavis Burden and a suitably worthy foe from the ogres. The supporting cast of characters are likewise a joy to meet, in particular Queen Brianna's ever loyal and selfless bodyguard Morten. The heroine of the piece, Brianna, is a spoiled, selfish and somewhat stupid character. Not that this is a fault in itself - there are certainly plenty of people that fit that same bill in the real world - however I found myself thinking that I wouldn't mind too much if Tavis was unable to rescue her.

A re-release of an old Forgotten Realms classic.

If you haven't read this in the past, then now is great opportunity to pick this one up. A cracking start to a promising trilogy. Jan 31, Sue Q added it Shelves: sueq-annual , borrowed-from-the-library. Borrowed from the Ontario Library Service Consortium I read this book as part of an annual challenge.

The task this book fit was to read a book with a giant in it. Not only did this book have A giant, it had a LOT of giants and giant-kin! I actually started keeping track of all the different kinds because I found it so fascinating that there were so many, so I decided to copy my record here: my page numbers were for my ebook and state the part in the book where the giant was FIRST mentioned Borrowed from the Ontario Library Service Consortium I read this book as part of an annual challenge.

Glacier Skunk - chapter 1 page 32 - like giant of skunks The betrayals and trust building and magic were awesome elements that were added. I might try the second in the series one day. Nov 19, Calinda rated it liked it Shelves: dungeons-and-dragons , fantasy. This book is entertaining and fast-paced.

It is not the best book Troy Denning has written, however. It had two flaws that I saw: 1. Throughout the story, one of the major characters is a scout and wilderness tracker. Extensive use of his tracking abilities is very detailed, and while the different methods of tracking and details of what he is looking for or how he hides a trail are interesting and add realism to the story, they also slow it down. That said, it is obvious that either Dennin This book is entertaining and fast-paced. That said, it is obvious that either Denning knows how to track, consulted someone who does, or is simply creative enough to make up some plausible logical things to say and fool the reader who is completely ignorant about the wilderness, such as myself.

The Ogre's Pact

So the details are interesting. The end feels rushed. There's alot of story, then the climax and denoument just seem to happen in a few short pages and end up too tidily.

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Almost like the author was rushed by the editor to get something to the publisher and pronto, so he wrapped it up quickly instead of with the detail he could have used. All in all, worth reading, and hopefully as good lead-in to the next two in the set. I hope they hold up more to Dennings usual fantastic writing. Nov 15, Conan Tigard rated it really liked it.

I had never read a fantasy story where the lead character was a giant-kin, so I became quite fascinated with all of the main characters. I liked the fast pace of the story and the world of the giant which was opened up for me to learn about. Although I have a hard time picturing how tall everyone is, I found myself falling into this world of giants, ogres and tall humans.

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Tavis is a cool character and I look forward to reading more about his adventures in the rest of the series. I really like Princess Brianna and hope that she is also a central character in stories that follow.