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Words nearby tapestry taper pin , taper relief , tapered roller bearing , taperstick , tapestried , tapestry , tapestry brussels , tapestry moth , tapetoretinal , tapetoretinal retinopathy , tapetum. Origin of tapestry —50; late Middle English tapst e ry, tapistry Middle French tapisserie carpeting.

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See tapis , -ery. Examples from the Web for tapestry I am thrilled because the subject matter is rich, but I like that it is a tapestry of color, which is very much needed. Cornell Nature-Study Leaflets Various. We are dedicated to reducing our environmental impact across the world through continuous innovation.

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The advantages of wool in the weaving of tapestries have been its availability, workability, durability, and the fact that it can be easily dyed to obtain a wide range of colours. Wool has often been used in combination with linen, silk, or cotton threads for the weft. These materials make possible greater variety and contrast of colour and texture and are better suited than wool to detail weaving or to creating delicate effects. In European tapestry, light-coloured silks were used to create pictorial effects of tonal gradation and spatial recession.

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The sheen of silk thread was often used for highlights or to give a luminous effect when contrasted to the dull and darkly coloured heavier woolen threads. In 18th-century European tapestries, silk was increasingly used, especially at the Beauvais factory in France, to achieve subtle tonal effects. Most of the Chinese and Japanese tapestries have both warp and weft threads of silk.

Pure silk tapestries were also made in the Middle Ages by the Byzantines and in parts of the Middle East.

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Wholly linen tapestries were made in ancient Egypt , while Copts, or Egyptian Christians, and medieval Europeans sometimes used linen for the warp. Cotton and wool were employed for pre-Columbian Peruvian tapestries as well as for some of the tapestries made in the Islamic world during the Middle Ages.

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Since the 14th century, European weavers have used gold and silver weft threads along with wool and silk to obtain a sumptuous effect. These threads were made of plain or gilded silver threads wound in a spiral on a silk thread.

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