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Having respect for yourself means valuing your opinions, thoughts, and ideas. It means recognizing that you bring something important to the table, and your voice should be heard.

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It means treating yourself with dignity and compassion, and expecting the same from others. Is there a difference between self respect and self esteem?

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Self esteem is your emotional evaluation of yourself. Self respect , on the other hand, is more action-oriented. You feel confident about who you are and see yourself as a person of value.

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With self respect, you feel confident that you can set boundaries around what you expect from yourself and others. So, how can you learn to begin practicing more self love to respect yourself more?

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  5. Confidence is a product of self love and respect. And when you respect yourself, you teach others to do the same.

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    7. If you want to feel more confident, here are four things you can do to supercharge your self respect:. But what about toxic criticism?

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      Marisa has a great strategy for this too:. And do your best to let the rest roll straight off your back. The best way to respect yourself and your values is to have a firm grasp on what your values are. Internally criticizing yourself is one thing. But running yourself down in front of others is entirely different. All of us struggle against that critical voice in our heads.

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      But when that voice starts airing out our self criticism for all to hear, the consequences can be disastrous. The most insidious part? But when the negative self talk becomes chronic , it can debilitate our self esteem. See if you can catch yourself the next time you engage in self criticism.

      When I followed back, I noticed a post on her feed that seemed to indicate that she was in a relationship. It was such an obscure post, however, that I lied to myself. I believed what I wanted to believe — that this woman was single and it was okay to pursue her. So, ignoring the post that indicated otherwise, I pursued this woman as if she were single. It was wrong that she flirted back, but the fact that I ignored my instincts and insisted on pursuing her taught her how to treat me. I taught her with my behavior that it was okay to treat me like a secret side piece.

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      Eventually, I came to the realization that she really was in a relationship and had no intention of taking me seriously. I was hurt and disappeared from social media.

      And I was so hurt at the time, it was easy to blame everything on her. Instead of dealing with my own issues, I ignored them, and as a consequence, I was hurt. After this happened — and after sharing that mopey story last month — I did some soul searching.

      I turned inward and asked myself a series of questions that helped me see the reality of the situation. I asked myself why romantic love was so important to me. My answer? I had been alone, isolated, and emotionally abused all my life. Because of that, I was still seeking love and approval from other people, rather than from myself.

      And because of that, I was living in codependent energy.

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      I had no self-respect, so why should this woman have respected me? I am now of the belief that I came into contact with this woman so that the Universe could teach me another lesson. I am grateful for the lesson, as at least I can spare myself further heartbreak and humiliation. I have since learned that no one can love me better than I can love me.