Ein Sesterz des Marc Aurel (German Edition)

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Berlin : Verlag Antike, This paper examines the relationship between the brothers Geta and Caracalla, and the possible motivations behind its extremely violent culmination. Literary and epigraphic sources offer an ambiguous image, in which Geta is commonly depicted as a shadow-figure, but occasionally arises as a serious rival of Caracalla.

A quantitative numismatic study is then used to trace the relative importance of Geta through time. Power politics seemed to have played a significant role in their deadly struggle. Kent, John Philip Cozens Kent ; ed. X: The divided empire and the fall of the western parts, A. Carson, J.


Kent, and A. King, Cathy Elizabeth. Roman silver coins. King ; with valuations by David R. London : Seaby, Klein, Ulrich Kroha, Tyll Das Fenster ; Thema Krzyzanowska, Aleksandra.

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Kubitschek, Wilhelm Numismatische Zeitschrift 48 p. Kumpikevicius, Gordon C. Hekte 3 p. Lafaurie, Jean Lyon : Impr. Mougin-Rusand, Israel Numismatic Research 5 p.

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The elite military units of these two Roman generals were honored with special coin issues. MacDowall, David William Numismatic notes and monographs ; Marchant, Jacques. Paris, Rollin et Feuardent, Markl, Andreas The Imperial mints during the reign of Claudius II. Gothicus und ihre Emissionenl. Includes numerous additional images and an index of reverse types.

Numismatische Zeitschrift 31 p.

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Numismatische Zeitschrift 16 p. The coinage of the Civil Wars of A. Journal of Roman Studies 7 p. Journal of Roman Studies 11 p. Numismatic Chronicle 5 th ser. Mattingly , Harold Sydenham and C. Journal of Roman Studies 15 p. Some historical Roman coins of the first century A. Journal of Roman Studies 10 p. Moorhead, Sam.

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At least three more coins have been discovered since and this article provides an updated catalogue for the 26 coins for which we have full records. A revised chronology for the coins is also provided, often with the gold coins being linked to silver and bronze issues. There is also a consideration of the mints, weights, die analysis and find-spots, hence summarising our present knowledge of the gold coinage of Carausius. La Grange : [Morris], Nony , Daniel Oman, Charles William Chadwick Pearce ; ed. Pomoerium 3 p. Peter, Ulrike Pegasus 10 p.

Pick, Behrendt Zur Titulatur der Flavier. Zeitschrift fur Numismatik 13 p. Zeitschrift fur Numismatik 14 pp. Pudill, Rainer. Rambach, Hadrien Schweizerische Numismatische Rundschau 91 p. This essay is devoted to the study of a series of Roman gold coins, struck under Augustus, with the type of a heifer on the reverse. The authors aimed at making a corpus of the few surviving examples, which allows to identify various types, and a number of different dies.

Those suggest that the emission was of importance, despite the great rarity of the coins nowadays only 21 examples listed for all 5 varieties. The authors also tried to summarise the different hypotheses made as to the date and place of emission. The type is believed to depict the bronze sculptures by Myron, and ancient epigrams relating to it are quoted. Rohde , Theodor Miskoloz : Forster, This is due in part to several errata in RIC Vol.

Two hundred and seventy antoniniani were studied in order to establish an accurate list of mint marks, obverse legends, and reverse legend divisions. As the antoniniani were studied, there emerged a pattern in the reverse legend division and mint marks pointing to the order of mint output. This pattern implies that the opening of the mint of Heraclea is likely to have taken place in spring of AD or thereabouts. The type continued to be minted virtually unchanged after the reform and could have provided a model for the standardization of the coinage.

Rosillo-Lopez, Cristina. Latomus, Seaby, Herbert Allen Soutzo, Michel C. Stannard , Clive. Annotazioni Numismatiche 28 dicembre p. Stoyas, Yannis.

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Straus, Pierre. Sutherland, Carol Humphrey Vivian VI: From Diocletian's reform A. Struck late A. RIC II. Good Fine; pleasing brown patina. Extremely Fine; minor obv. Trajan had in AD launched an offensive against t AE sestertius 32mm, Good VF. RIC II var. AE sestertius 35mm, AE Sestertius Obverse: Laureate head right; Reverse: Jupiter seated left on throne, holding victoriola and scepter.

Pleasing Flavian type despite the light smoothing to its fields. Very Fine; slightly smoothed and tooled, attractive dark green patina. Initially organised under the emperor Augustus, the munus vehicularium was a system which provided horses, Maenius S. Mars walking right with spear and trophy, S C across, S.

Even patina, good fine or better and very rare. Ex Dr V. Flynn Collection and previously M. Roberts with ticket. Estimate: AUD Mars; Faustina Junior, rev. Venus Victrix; Severus Alexander, rev.

Jupiter standing left; asses of Titus, rev. Spes advancing left; Domitian, rev. Minerva advancing right, S. Fortuna standing left holding rudder and cornucopiae.

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Fair - good fine. Aequitas, S. Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Verus with clasped hands, S. Naville Numismatics Ltd.

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Jupiter seated l. C var.

RIC var. Starting Price: 75 GBP Brown patina, some green and earthen deposits. Nicks on rev. Domitius Ahenobarbus, Rome, BC. AR Denarius 19mm, 3. AR Denarius 21mm, 3.