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Member Area. Word Counter. Coffeehouse Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of coffeehouse poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup.

A Coffee House Poet

Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for coffeehouse. Read More. Coffeehouse Poetry I wasn't the friend to you that you were to me all along. I must have been lacking I must have been wrong I figured you were done and slowing packing. Times got rough We created a wall You seemed tough But sometimes I wish Best books to read this winter, from fiction to nonfiction, kids' books to critics' picks.

Coffee-House Poetry

Elvis Costello's aim was true but his voice wasn't in Minneapolis. Blog By Laurie Hertzel. Martin is the 27th poet to win the Kingsley Tufts Award, which was established in by Kate Tufts in memory of her husband. Other winners include D.

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Martin is the author of three other collections. More from Star Tribune.

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Outdoors Chronic wasting disease puts Minnesota deer farms under fire November Books Best books to read this winter, from fiction to nonfiction, kids' books to critics' picks November With her hands open like two bowls, she was lightly touching the ground and then holding them up to the air, as if collecting the invisible sacred dust of life and bringing it from the earth to the sky, from the sky to the earth.

While walking in the streets of Kolkata, one can experience a mysterious, unexpected balance. In some moments, life in this city is so hard that you start wondering how it is possible to live here, and as soon as you reach this point, beyond your limits, all the hope and energy that you have lost will be returned to you in a unpredictable way—and even more than that: as a kind of gift, a grace. This balance between destruction and creative sources is very important to me. During this period of my life, I have been trying to recognize myself in a body and in a place.

Coffee House poet Saeed Jones wins PEN award

I have been trying to stand firmly on the earth, with both feet, yet I always find an earth that is collapsing, fault lines that are opening, destroying everything in which I have trusted and thought that I had built. When I arrived in Kolkata, one of the first images of India that appeared to me, in the trip from the airport, was a little plastic colored statue of Ganesha, on the dashboard of the taxi. This god has one foot on the earth and the other in the sky; he can keep his balance despite all his weight, with the lightness of a motionless dance, with those sweet female eyes in an elephant face—he expresses both power and fragility.

Have you been influenced by Hinduism in your writing at all since being in India? This is my first time in India, and the first place for me is Kolkata, the city of Kali. Kali is often depicted with a bloodstained mouth and a skull necklace. She is a strong goddess, angry and violent, able to destroy and kill.

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Indeed, there are matters that need to be destroyed, so that life can be born and be freed. In contrast, in Christianity, we have the Madonna, the Mother of Jesus.

The Virgin Mary is a sweet and loving mother. A mother who welcomes the mystery of life, a mother who knows sorrow, a mother with tears, who can always love and forgive.

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A kind of complementary—reverse— image of Kali. In Greek and Latin mythology, there were some strong feminine figures who were warriors. But with the Christianity, they had to disappear. The Madonna became the feminine model of a way of being.

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If we compare Mary and Kali, we can have an idea of two different cultural and anthropological ways of being. Mary cannot express any anger or violence. The only image of that kind of power is when Mary crushes the snake evil with her foot. But she does this with a rather peaceful expression, almost without realizing what she has done.