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Format: Paperback. What a wonderful story! Anita's voice quickly engaged me in her personal revolution which was sparked by the new Cuban Revolution happening around her.

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Coming from a privileged upbringing with servants who couldn't read , and, being in the age group that is often most idealistic and energetic, it didn't take long for her to respond to the National Literacy Campaign put forward by Fidel Castro. After she becomes a Brigadista trained literacy teacher , she is assigned a family in a rural area where she encounters a lifestyle as far removed from her own background as it could be. Her williness to adapt to her assigned family's daily life and difficult chores, plus her patience and respect for each family member's individual needs are a model for anyone to emulate.

In addition, she carries on in the face of the outside danger involved in her commitment to the family and the overall Literacy Campaign goal. Shirley Langer has incorporated enough tension and surprises to keep the reader fully engaged in the story. I highly recommend this book, not only as good read, but for the inspiration Anita models in the face of many difficulties.

All age groups will enjoy this story and some will find a new personal inspiration after reading about Anita's revolution. One person found this helpful. Format: Kindle Edition. Overcoming her parent's resistance Anita, at the age of fourteen, leaves her upper class home and life, to join Castro's brigadistas, young volunteers rallied to change the country's illiteracy.

After teaching indoctrination, she is assigned to a family of three adults and a small child with whom she is to live in an outlying bario. Typically, the house has dirt floors, outdoor plumbing, no electricity, a small garden, some chickens and pigs with all associated disagreeable features. It encloses a kitchen and a couple of small rooms, in one of which she can hang a hammock for sleeping. Admittedly disenchanted when I received this book, surprisingly I discovered a moving narrative of this youngster's activities in bringing about a remarkable transformation in this isolated group of individuals.

In fact, the story was doubly interesting: 1 revelation of one admirable accomplishment of Castro's administration. Reviewed by John H.

See all 2 customer reviews. Feedback If you need help or have a question for Customer Service, contact us. Would you like to report poor quality or formatting in this book? Click here Would you like to report this content as inappropriate? Click here Do you believe that this item violates a copyright? Anita's Revolution is my first novel. With my family, I lived and worked in Cuba during the mid s, first as a translator, then as a language teacher.

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This was shortly after the time of the national literacy campaign described in my recently-published novel, Anita's Revolution. The role of youth in that campaign inspired the novel. In I visited Cuba for several months to research the literacy campaign.

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I interviewed many people who, as teenagers, were among those very brigadistas, those volunteer youth teachers whose dedication and enthusiasm changed the course of their country's history. Show More. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. A Fresh Encounter. Passionate, inspirational and soul-stirring reading, poems and stories that tug gently on your heartstrings!

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A Fresh Encounter brings joy, love, faith, and hope even to the faint-hearted. View Product. I've often heard that money can't buy happiness. Many who are born poor can grow Many who are born poor can grow up happy, with fond and endearing, life-long memories. Who better to remind us of this than a loving mother, my Mom. She was the second child Amabel Channice. The creators of this series are The creators of this series are united by passion for literature and driven by the intention of making all public domain books available in printed format again - worldwide.

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  8. At tredition Continue the saga of Amanda Whitworth and her family as they begin their new lives Anita is a strong character, clearly caught up in revolutionary teenage fervour and determined to make a difference in the new Cuba. At the same time, she is unsure of herself and loves her protective parents dearly, finally persuading them to sign her consent form by inviting over an influential neighbour, Marjorie, who is taking her own daughters to the countryside to teach.

    Anita uses her brief teacher training and tools well but also adapts her lessons so the family will engage in them willingly. She endures vicious heat, hard manual labour, and the premature birth of Clara's daughter, and she begins to realize how privileged her own family is.

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    Anita moves from a sweet, somewhat spoiled girl to a thoughtful, inspired young woman who is committed to building a new Cuba. Secondary characters, especially Ramon, Clara and Zenaida, are well-rounded and poignant. Ramon's sense of humour and his determination despite his age, Clara's commitment despite her motherly duties, and Zenaida's switch from sullen scorn to enthusiastic learner will keep readers' attention.

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    The confidence and enthusiasm of Marjorie and the other brigadistas is inspiring. Readers will find the numbers of people who became literate in such a short few months to be astounding, and the brigadistas' achievement will bring the intended readers to tears. The action is nonstop but interspersed with many letter and diary entries which advance the plot well and enrich the characters. Spanish phrases are well integrated and easy to understand, adding authenticity and colour.


    As worthy as elements of the story are, I cannot imagine a child wanting to read this novel, and I am not sure how much one would learn from reading it. I suppose it could be used as a way to talk about neglect and abuse, about the difficulties of being a foster child, and how difficult it is for neglected children to find a voice. There are nine pages of old photos that illustrate clearly the primitive conditions the brigadistas endured.

    A map and a brief history of Cuba will clarify for the reader the background of the story. It's unfortunate that the image of a brigadista on the front cover of the book portrays a much older woman heavily made up, when Anita is a young years-old, especially when this novel emphasized the primitive conditions endured by the brigadistas. Make-up would not have been part of it! This historical novel will inspire and enthral young readers who want to make a difference in society.