3 in 1 Spooky Stories - Bump in the Night (3-in-1 Treasuries)

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How else to explain preschoolers' asking me for scary books, Stephen King as a best-selling author, and the popularity of roller coasters? Halloween week seems a natural time to visit the library for a scary read. Days are shorter, darker and colder, making the prospect of curling up with a good book all that more appealing. If your definition of a good book is one that makes you leave the hall light on after you read the last chapter, you might like to check out one of these titles. In making this list, we relied on staff and library users' opinions and on lists generated by on-line polls: Good books for sleepless nights "And Then There Were None" by Agatha Christie.

One by one, guests on a remote island die violently. Candy leaves her home, only to stumble onto another, often horrible, world. Scientists battle a lethal alien virus. Fox is a criminal psychopath and no one in London is safe. Coraline enters another world where evil lurks. McKissack collected southern stories designed to be told, she says, in the half hour between daylight and nighttime.

Long before the Twilight series, the undead walked in Transylvania. What can help a child possessed? Aiken's short stories explore dark corners.

Bierce explored the dark horrors of ghosts and war. Who can be sure of reality? In this violently compelling thriller, a disgraced journalist is given a chance to clear his name, but he must deal with a ruthless, powerful family and a psychologically-damaged investigator. When his family is murdered, a toddler finds refuge with warm-hearted, cold-blooded beings living in the neighborhood cemetery.

Victorian London is possessed by demons. A scientific experiment to test the existence of paranormal events goes tragically wrong. Brown brings Dante's vision of hell into the modern world. Any book by Stephen King.

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Maine's master of the macabre will change the way you see ordinary places and people. Modern and traditional ghost stories are brought together in one scary read. Schwartz has collected all those urban legends that really ought to be true. Two boys encounter a demonic carnival.

Stories by Edgar Allan Poe. Poe's stories still haunt readers more than a hundred years after their publication. Sunday, Nov. Lehr is a research scholar and educator of Afghan culture and civility with 25 years of experience in the region.

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Saturday, Nov. Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan are an inseparable pair, but that wasn't always the case. From the moment these two mismatched monsters met they couldn't stand each other. Thursday, Nov. A destructive crop failure leaves millions of citizens on the verge of starvation, and an uprising seems unavoidable.

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But the entire world is watching when a death-dealing terrorist attack strikes the United States leaving thousands dead and the evidence available points to the Russian government. In the midst of the unrest in Russia, American entrepreneur Roger finds his multimillion dollar company and the employees in jeopardy. Determined to find the people responsible, he assembles his crisis control team to help.

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But what Roger does not realize is how far the attackers are willing to go and how much he has to lose. What happens when a thing or an abstract concept or a creature takes the human for even for a half a day? Greenberg and the contributors to Human For A Day try to answer in this story.

The main character is a clockwork servant, a robot of sorts designed for menial jobs. He is doing his work on a ship headed to Quebec, and his bosses have no idea that he is planning to escape as soon as they land to find an alchemist believed to make robots become humans.

Another story in the anthology tells the story of an ancient immortal all throughout his existence. After so many transient relationships and killings, life seems to be a space for him until he is given a reprieve.

Even though it can be read as a standalone, it features the same villains as from her other story. But this time around, alchemist guru and bartender gets an unusual visitor in her bad. It turns out that the city is made into a human after reaching a defined population, and the city of San Francisco is among the cities to achieve that population. It turns out that killing the city would destroy it entirely and every life form.

Can Mina help the city of San Francisco stop the person who is trying to pull the plug on the city? Tumulus story by Anton Strout tells the story of a desperate couple who every years make sure they plead their case on a dreaded creature named Mongfhionn that comes backs to life as a human. The Mongfhionn is cursed to take human life form every years for her sins during her lifetime, and she is not a kind fairy godmother. In this story, Matthew takes the human form for a day which makes a perfect opportunity for him to get a chance to make out with his girlfriend and have a child.

Into The Nth Dimension by David D Levine is the story about comic superheroes who find themselves sent into the real world. Would this be the right time for them to give in to their deepest desire or go back to being just superheroes?

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Human for a Day is a beautiful anthology that examines what means to be a human being in both the negative and the positive aspects. The topics range from vampires swapping bodies to statutes made animate to machines finally gaining free will. The stories are brilliantly done, with good editing job and excellent length. If you like a collection of short stories each interesting, then Human For A Day is a beautiful read.

The story opens up with the hijacking of a ship in the South China Sea. The story switches to a dialogue between Roger Gordian and his counsel as they are in the midst of a fierce attempt by unknown people to bring destruction to the empire Gordian has spent years building.

What happens by the end of the story- will Gordian sink to the bottom with the sinking ship of his company or will he device a grand scheme to answer all his problems and come up with a plan to thwart all his adversaries as well as save his life? The plot follows that of a normal thriller genre while the writing itself is unique in its own right.